What is a Vision Board?

A vision board offers a representation of what you’re working towards.

It’s incredibly important to have dreams and aspirations in life. They drive us forward, it gives us meaning and focus’s the mind. Therefore vision board images are a representation of your ideal life and things that have meaning to you when placed in a prominent location is a great tool to programme the subconscious mind.

There’s nothing more powerful than strengthening and stimulating your mind through the Law of Attraction; I truly believe that you manifest what you think and believe. If you place your vision board images in a prominent position where you can see it every day it offers a constant reminder on the greater picture of what you’re working towards; you’ll become naturally more motivated day by day to reach your goals.

I wanted to add a collection of vision board images to my blog that represent my goals and things that I find inspiring. The collage serves as a representation of a potential future me. It offers me a constant reminder that if you continue to put in the hard work and effort there are rewards. Of course this shouldn’t be just about the self-gratification of owning a few luxury items. For me it’s about living a fulfilling life and bettering myself as a person across all areas.

What would your vision board images consists of?