Change starts with you” is a profoundly significant choice of words that everybody should take notice of.  It basically comes down to this. If you are not happy with a certain aspect of your life it’s solely down to you to make a difference. Yet it seems we have morphed into a society where everyone seems to pass the buck for their own misfortune. I’m sure we all know or have met those certain people that complain and moan about almost any trivial matter. The kind of people that would still find something to moan about even if that had won the lottery; that it had not been a rollover draw! Yes of course there are events that impact our lives that are beyond our control. I’m talking about the dealings that we have complete control over.

When I found myself in a rut towards the end of 2016, we all have those life events that creep up on us and slap you so wildly in the face every now and again, I realised I needed to change my thinking and daily routine drastically. I decided that I wanted to begin a new chapter, that would take me from clearing my short term debt (car purchase, holiday to Canada), towards the ultimate goal of becoming financially free; as well as living a fulfilling and rewarding life.  I contemplated much on the thought that I really wanted 2017 to be the year; the year that I was going to be extremely proactive.

How to take action and change your life.

I realised for the first time that personal goal setting is an absolute necessity! I needed something to work towards so that I could improve my situation.

2017 turned out to be extremely constructive overall. The greatest achievement, NO more short term debt! I had freed myself from the misery and shackles of debt bondage. What a glorious feeling and a very valuable lesson learnt. One that I shall never ever be repeating!

I didn’t achieve all that I had set out to do, as soon as March passed I had lost a bit of the momentum. However, I still did accomplish some very important aspects. I continued developing my knowledge and skills in other areas, including my work, as well as coming up with lots of ideas for projects. Which has importantly laid the foundations to propel me forwards into 2018 and beyond. My first project being a self-published book entitled The Two Moors Way, Lynmouth to Ivybridge. You can read about how I went about self publishing my own book on the projects page.

The Ultimate Goal of Financial Independence

Now I can set my sights on the ultimate goal of financial Independence. I discovered long ago that the whole notion of working a 9 to 5 job is nothing but a modern form of slavery. It is an intolerable prison, where the only light comes in the form of a fleeting 2 day weekend (plus your restricted holiday allowance). The routine of being rudely awoken at 6:00am, forcing yourself to get up out of a warm, snug bed. To then have to face a 20mile interminable crawl in traffic, a commute to a place of work where the ultimate goal in its reality is making someone else richer. Whilst I earn a wage that goes into paying off a car with which I’m having to drive to work; just doesn’t sit right with me.

It’s not all bad though, there are benefits of going to work. The social aspect, we get to learn new skills and it improves our self-esteem. There was also a time where a job provided security but that doesn’t even seem to be the case anymore.

For me it comes down to this. These are the prime years of my life, I want to be out exploring great mountain ranges, trekking across the Great Plains and visiting far off exotic lands. I want to be meeting people and experiencing other cultures. I want to be developing my own projects and ideas.  More importantly I want to be my own boss and live my life on my terms.

And then there is the most dangerous risk of all — the risk of spending your life not doing what you want on the bet you can buy yourself the freedom to do it later.

This is a new adventure for me and one that I am adamant at succeeding in.  I’ve created this blog to inspire you who are going through a similar experience. I want to show that if you take control and become a person of ACTION you can turn your dreams into reality.

Sign up and follow along I hope that my blog will inspire and motivate you to take ACTION in doing the things you love and enjoy or have never tried.

Take ACTION now!