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Company Report Monthly Diary (March)25/03/2019

How the financial diary will help you.

Being a developer I created this feed myself, because I wanted to make accessing this information a lot easier! You can find financial reports that are due for release and economic announcements available on any of the big financial websites, however I found myself having to select an individual date and it would only display what announcements were due for that day. With the feed that I have created it lists every company announcement for the entire month under each heading.

It is only for UK companies at the moment. If you find it helpful let me know and I may include more functionality in the future. I hope that this information will help with your research in sourcing companies.

Simply click on any one of the different headings to display a drop down list of companies along with the date.

Why look at a company’s financial reports?

When researching companies to invest in, the first place you’re going to want to look are the annual reports. A great deal of information can be found within an annual report as it is essentially a comprehensive guide for the company’s activities throughout the year. It has all the financial information such as balance sheets and income statements. Reading over these carefully will give you a good insight into the financial health of the company. Other information that can be found within reports include any big trading announcements, details of annual general meetings, dividend payments and directors dealings.

Why do companies release reports?

Throughout the year companies frequently release trading announcements and a range of financial reports, on their trading activities. There are many reasons for this which are listed below.

  1. It keeps the company accountable to shareholders.
  2. It provides vital information on the financial health of the company.
  3. It gives insight and guidance on making decisions for expansion and financing.
  4. It provides transparency to the company’s activities.
  5. It helps you (the investor) make an informed decision on whether to invest in the company.
  6. It is a legal requirement.

How a company announcement or financial report affects a share price.

There are many variables that affect a company’s share price. However a financial statement in a company’s final results or interim results, can have a big impact on determining which way the share price will go. For example, If a company’s profits are down and they are reflected in a report, the share price will most likely plummet, as it could be a sign for concern that the company is in trouble.  If a company’s profits are down it’s important to understand why before you make an investment.


  • description International economic announcements
  • description United Kingdom economic announcements
  • description AGMs

    (SRSP) Sirius Petroleum Plc


    (ECO) Eco

    (RGM) Regency Mines plc

    (TRE) Trading Emissions plc

  • description Interim dividend payment dates

    (AEMC) Aberdeen Emerging Markets Investment Company Ltd

    (AEWU) AEW UK REIT plc

    (EPIC) Ediston Property Investment Company plc

    (FCRE) F&C UK Real Estate Investments Limited

    (FPO) First Property Group plc

    (HDIV) Henderson Diversified Income

    (IMB) Imperial Brands Group

    (IVI) INVESCO Income Growth Trust

    (KNOS) Kainos Group plc

    (LXI) LXI REIT plc

    (MSI) MS International plc

    (PCA) Palace Capital plc

    (PLI) Perpetual Income & Growth Inv Tst

    (SSIF) SQN Secured Income Fund plc

    (TMPL) Temple Bar Investment Trust plc

    (PBLT) TOC Property Backed Lending Trust plc

  • description Final dividend payment dates

    (DFS) DFS Furniture Plc


    (ABDP) AB Dynamics plc

  • description Final results
  • description Annual reports
  • description Interim results
  • description Trading Announcements
  • description Quarterly dividend payment dates

    (AATG) Albion Technology & General VCT

    (FCPT) F&C Commercial Property Trust Ltd

    (HICL) HICL Infrastructure Company Ltd

    (HONY) Honeycomb Investment Trust plc

    (MXF) MedicX Fund Ltd

    (NESF) NextEnergy Solar Fund Ltd

    (PGIT) Premier Global Infrastructure plc

    (RMDL) RM Secured Direct Lending

    (TRIG) The Renewables Infrastructure Group Limited

  • description Special dividend payment dates
  • description Interim ex-dividend dates

    (BT.A) BT Group plc

    (DTG) Dart Group plc

    (DIVI) Diverse Income Trust plc

    (FIH) FIH Group

    (HLMA) Halma plc

    (KCOM) KCOM Group plc

    (MCL) Morses Club Plc

    (NRR) NewRiver REIT plc

    (RPC) RPC Group plc

  • description General meetings
  • description Director Dealings
  • description Drilling reports
  • description EGMs

    (ECO) Eco

  • description Quarter 4 results
  • description Quarterly results
  • description Interim management statements
  • description Special ex-dividend dates
  • description Final ex-dividend dates

    (CAMB) Cambria Automobiles plc

    (TUNE) Focusrite plc

    (GRI) Grainger Plc

    (INL) Inland Homes Plc

    (PHD) Proactis Holdings plc

  • description Quarterly ex-dividend dates

    (VIN) Value & Income Trust plc

  • description Quarter 2 results

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