If you wanted to excel in a certain area of life or have a dream that you wish to pursue, then surely the best place to start would be to see how others have achieved what you most desire, and learn from them. You can learn a great deal from those who have achieved excellence and glory in their pursuits.

With Financial Independence being the #1 goal for me to work towards, then it makes sense for me to study finance and wealth generating ideas.  I have listed the books that I’ve found very useful in building up my knowledge on improving my wealth; mainly on how to invest in the stock market.

I also strongly believe that you should always be learning to better yourself through all areas of your life.  So I have also listed books that I have found useful in my own personal development as well as biographies from people throughout history that I admire.  I was interested to find out more about them, their background, their character, to uncover how these people rose to such heights and achieved so much; so that I could learn from them and try and apply their attributes to my own traits.

I mainly purchase my books from Amazon, my recommendations below are affiliate links. I will continue to update this page with books/audiobook that I feel are worthy of a mention.

They say knowledge is power and it is true to a certain degree.  Of course, reading alone won’t make you successful or even give you the necessary experience.  It will however give you an understanding. You only become empowered when you turn that knowledge into ACTION!

Essential Personal Development Books

Captain James Cook Captain James Cook
By Richard Hough

Cook can be regarded as one of the world’s greatest explorers to have ever lived. When reading this book I felt like I was part of one of the crew, as it gave a great insight into Cook’s voyages of discovery, along with the men who served alongside and the dangers encountered to never again returning home. It’s hard to believe that a little over 200 years ago there was so much of the world that had not been explored and left uncharted. Imagine the bravery and heroism then of setting out in a tiny wooden sailing ship and crossing vast oceans in the hope of finding land, not knowing what you would encounter.

Cook was great in height as he was in character. He started out with little formal education and eventually started working aboard coal ships, shipping coal from the north down to London and quickly showed a great deal of promise. He then went on to join the Royal Navy and served in driving the French out of Canada, where he learned and developed his skills as a cartographer mapping the east coast of Canada, which he excelled in.

From an early age he was recognised to have two very strong personal traits, that of decisiveness and a high level of self-confidence, he was an extremely independent man. Another trait to point out which I picked up on was that he was also extremely big on self-development and read intensely.

During the three voyages he treated the natives he encountered with the utmost respect and cared about his crew deeply, this can be seen in him leading the way in enforcing strict cleanliness rules to combat disease and scurvy.


Essential Financial Education Books

The Naked TraderThe Naked Trader: How Anyone Can Make Money Trading Shares
By Robbie Burns

If you wish to enter the world of investment and trading shares, (which I highly recommend you do, and you can find more information on the investing pages) but have absolutely no idea on where to start. Reading this book is an absolute must! Delving into the world of finance is like learning a new language in itself with the abundance of fancy terminology, and if you want to learn all the buzz words so you can sound like a high flying city trader, you won’t with this book; It cuts out all the jargon! Everything is explained in a very easy to follow way, allowing you to build a base line of knowledge so you can get started in the world of trading shares and investment. Ensure you take lots of notes!


Trade like a SharkTrade Like a Shark: The Naked Trader on how to eat and not get eaten in the stock market
By Robbie Burns

Another brilliantly written book by Robbie Burns that covers the phycology that should be adopted in all areas of financial matters, especially trading. It’s written in a light hearted manner and easy to understand, making it an enjoyable read. It uses real life examples from traders and is based on Robbie’s own personal experience. Trading is hard, so how do you cope with losing trades, when you see your money being eroded away? The book presents ways on how to deal with the emotional stress and bad habits that come with trading.


Think and Grow RichThink and Grow Rich!
By Napoleon Hill

I highly recommend this audio book as a starting point for anyone who wants to build personal wealth.  It might be dated but still very relevant today.  Before building wealth you need to acquire a certain kind of mindset.  Originally published in 1937, it could be considered to be the original self-development books.  Hill interviewed hundreds of the US’s most successful business men over the span of 20 years and compiled his findings into this book.  You get a thorough insight into the mindset of what it takes to achieve great wealth. But the information could be used to improve any aspects of your life.


MoneyMoney: Know More, Make More, Give More
By Rob Moore

This is a fully comprehensive book on MONEY, where it came from, what is it, where it’s going, ideas on how to get it etc. The book covers a lot, but It gives a clear account on how the monetary system took hold, how it has developed and the current evolution we’re seeing with digital currency. Rob also mentions his story on how he went from being heavily in debt not really going anywhere in life to completely turning his life around and becoming a self-made millionaire. I think one of the important parts of the book is that Rob explains that we shouldn’t feel guilty about wanting to become wealthy or earn more. If you’ve come from a certain sect of society then you may have developed the mindset that you don’t deserve to be rich, greed is bad and that money turns people evil. Which should for the most part be regarded as complete nonsense! As long as you go about it in an ethical manner, there is nothing wrong in wanting to improve your standard of living and to have a fulfilling life.


Life LeverageLife Leverage
By Rob Moore

This book is full of great content where some very valuable lessons can be learnt, some of which I have applied myself. Leverage is defined as using something to maximum advantage. So, why not use leverage, in building your businesses, and outsource difficult or time consuming tasks. For example, you may not particularly enjoy writing. But you need decent quality content for your business website, wouldn’t it make more sense to outsource it to a professional writer who could do it in minimum time. This in turn frees up your time and allows you to concentrate on the bigger picture. I’m sure that this book will change your thinking and enable you to free up your time when creating wealth building tasks.


How to talk FinanceHow To Talk Finance
By Ted Wainman

How to talk finance is another very useful book that I randomly came across and it will definitely improve your financial intelligence. If you’re serious about wanting to start your own business or even just want to try and understand financial reports then I cannot recommend this enough. It’s very engaging and everything is explained in very simple terms with lots of examples and questions to answer at the end of each section.This book will definitely give you an understanding on how to look at company reports during your investment research.

Other Interesting Books

The Holographic UniverseThe Holographic Universe
By Michael Talbot

If you have an inquisitive mind and want to try an understand our perceived reality; then read this book! I found this read absolutely fascinating and could not put it down.

It presents the idea that we’re actually living in a holographic universe. An idea which was originally pioneered by two highly respected physicists, David Bohm and Karl Pribram. It’s fully backed up with experiments and enforces the idea that you really are responsible for creating your own reality. Which of course can be tied in to other books such as the aforementioned Think and Grow Rich.