Are you serious about starting a business or generating passive income?

When starting out on a business venture, developing a project, or even just wanting to bring an idea to life, you’re going to need to employ the best resources for start ups; tools that will allow you to quickly develop an idea.

Whether it be project management software, apps, a simple notepad to jot down ideas, or a sophisticated web platform that will allow you to self-publish a book there are a lot of resources out there that you should be utilising.

What are the best resources for start ups?

Below I have listed the best resources that have I have found to be invaluable for my online ventures, that I actively use and continue to use. I shall update this with other resources that I believe to be extremely useful over time.  Some may require a subscription or some form of payment, however, they worth every penny in my opinion.

1&1 Hosting

hosting provider - best resources for start upsYou’ll find a lot of bloggers out there promoting Bluehost and they may be a great choice, however, 1&1 are my go to hosting provider.  I have used a couple of hosting providers but finally moved everything over to them and now all of my niche sites are hosted with 1&1.  From my experience they offer a range of great packages if you’re starting out, from as low as 0.99p.  If you’re just after a simple WordPress installation or want a ecommerce platform, everything is covered.


outsourcing provider - best resources for start upsAsk yourself what do you value more, money or time? The key to speeding up creating passive income streams is to use “leverage”.  To find out more about how to use leverage in life I highly recommend either reading or listening to Life Leverage: How to Get More Done in Less Time. Upwork is a global platform where freelancers with various skills and experience converse.  Here you will be able to link up with professionals anywhere in the world.  You can hire writers, designers, developers and many other people with expertise to speed up the development of your business idea or project.

One Note

project not taking - best resources for start upsI cannot speak highly enough of OneNote, it is absolutely the greatest and most valuable piece of software I have used! It is a fantastic tool for taking and organising notes for your projects. It is basically one giant notepad with all the functionality of MS Word if you’re using Notepad 2016, or there is a free version that come with Windows 10.

You can easily add notes and organise your pages within separate tabbed sections. You can paste and insert web links, images, YouTube links, to your pages. One Note also allows you to collaborate essential project information with other team members and access is available anywhere on any device. I now use this for all my projects.

Team Treehouse

learn programming skills - best resources for start upsIf you have no experience in web development or programming and you’re interested in learning the basics or even improving your knowledge then I highly recommend Team Treehouse. When I first started out on my career change I learnt much from these guys.

A vast array of courses are covered, you can learn about WordPress, programming languages such as PHP, JavaScript, C#, etc. They also have courses on design, and mobile app development. You do pay a subscription charge with the basic plan being $25, but with so many easy to follow video tutorials, it could end up saving you a lot of money in the long run, by empowering you and not needing having to outsource work. In my view it is very cheap for the amount and quality of courses that you have access to.


Action Day Planner 2018

action planner - best resources for start upsThey say if you write down your goals you’re 42% more likely to accomplish them.  This is a great weekly planner that I have used for a couple years now. You can write down your goals and things you need to get done for the week. The layouts are very easily laid out allow you to write down your daily routine  and tasks for each day.  If you want to be more organised in completing your goals then get one of these.