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We all have a favourite movie or work of fiction.  Whether it be a fast non-stop, high energy action film, with guns and mindless violence and explosions going off everywhere. To a more meaningful and philosophical piece that has the viewer questioning life.  But what is it that captivates our imaginations and keeps us so griped to the edge of our seats?  Or what makes us want to turn those extra pages in a novel to the end of the chapter to see what happens next?

Every story has structure and a plot.

Every story very importantly requires planning. You cannot just devise a remarkable work of art from the ramblings of the first thoughts that enter your mind. You can write down all your ideas on to paper, but those ideas have to be carefully crafted, fine-tuned and sculpted into a captivating piece.

To create a successful movie or novel requires something special. Normally, interesting characters, locations, and a good plot.  A story is essentially a journey, a sequence of events. We first start off with the setting of the scene, where the audience are drawn in, and where we initially meet the hero; the protagonist. We then follow the leading character on a journey normally encountering hardships, opportunities, major set-backs, and to finally reach the climax where the leading character determines their own fate and usually saves the day.

noun1. the leading character or one of the major characters in a play, film, novel, etc.
“the novel’s main protagonist is a British intelligence officer”2. an advocate or champion of a particular cause or idea.
“he’s a strenuous protagonist of the new agricultural policy”

The similarities between a movie and your life.

It’s clear that works of fiction are formulated in the mind, they’re a portrayal of imaginary events and characters, thought up by the creator. They are the dreams and ideas that the writers put into ACTION to create something special. So what is the difference then between a work of fiction and the conscious material reality that surrounds us? After all our brain processes everything that we see.  If you are the inquisitive type, I highly recommend reading The Holographic Universe for a clearer understanding on this concept and how we are responsible for creating our own realities.

I put it to you that a work of fiction and the journey of the life you lead have much in common.  You are essentially the lead character in the movie of your life!  We are each gifted with the experience of being consciously aware.  Our stories begin at birth where we set the scene. Then comes the character development, the in-between occurrences and life changing events, the hardships, the opportunities that define our character and mind. To finally the conclusion, the end, where the curtain comes down and everybody wakes up and goes home.

Ask yourself what do you desire most?

When you know what you desire you need to take ACTION. Whether it is to start a business, to go travelling, to own a house, to reach the heights of a CEO of a big corporation, to achieve financial independence, to have a family, to live freely, to help others, to invent, to explore, to promote well-being, to be successful, the list is endless. But to achieve anything in life requires becoming a person of ACTION.

Thanks to the internet and our current economic system, we now live in a time where there is an abundance, a huge amount, of resources and information at your disposal that is available at a touch of a button.

For example

  • Libraries provide free resources
  • Government schemes for business start ups.
  • Free YouTube Tutorials on any subject.
  • Outsourcing platforms where you can hire freelancers.
  • Internet forums and groups.
  • Various credit schemes to fund your business start-up.
  • Subscription and free open source software, tools and resources to develop your ideas.
  • You can connect with anyone in the world, anytime and anywhere.

Apart from hard work and an idea there is absolutely nothing stopping you from living your dreams and living the life that you want!


Start setting ambitions and goals in life to live the life that you want.

Obtaining your dreams is certainly no easy task! Unless your sole ambition is to lay about binge watching shit on TV every day, but you probably wouldn’t be here if that was the case. You will come up against all manner of troubles and trials that will pin you down and try to keep you there. But if someone else has achieved what you want then there is nothing stopping you. It just takes determination, hard work and importantly ACTION.

The sole purpose of my blog is to inspire.  I want you all to go out and make your dreams a reality and also to hold myself accountable and motivate me along in making the most out of the chances we are each given. I hope my blog and the information contained within it will create that spark that will help motivate you into being a person of ACTION.

Warning; a life changing video!