Below I have laid out a life goals lists for 2018, covering all areas in my life.  This is everything that I am going to aim for throughout 2018 and I’m extremely determined to follow through with all of what I’ve listed.

It’s important to note that you should only set attainable goals.  My list of goals may seem quite long and that it’s a lot to try and complete.  However most of them go hand in hand with other goals, doing an activity 5 days a week would decrease my body fat for example.  As well as Earning passive income and starting a second business.

I really believe all of these to be completely attainable, a year is still a long time. I have already formed and put together various ideas to some of them which gives me a head start, at least.

They will of course be prioritised. As the name of the game is Financial Independence I’m not going to be using funds to splash out on a motorcycle licence when I think that money could be better invested or put towards a project.  However, remember it’s important to enjoy life!

So what’s going to be on your list?

My Life Goals Lists for 2018

Finance Goal Status
I will max out my stocks and shares ISA.
I will generate extra passive income from alternative sources.
 I will save towards an emergency fund.
I will create a budget tracker and write down every penny that I spend and record my net worth every month.
I will have a website that will generate a 3 figure sum (start small) passive income.


Personal Goal Status
I will get down to between 10-14% Body fat.
I will earn enough money to be able to take a holiday.
I will read at least 1 book a month.
I will complete my motorcycle test.
I will publish at least 12 blog posts a year, 1 a month.
I will pass the Investment & Management Course.


Employment Goals Status
I will start a part-time business.
I will achieve promotion in my current job.
I will create at least 10 eBooks.


Emotional Goals Status
I will perform a weekly review and plan the week ahead at the weekend every Sunday 9pm.
I will make a continuous effort to go out and meet people and network.


Physical Goals Status
I will complete an ultra-marathon.
I will do an activity 5 days a week whether it be running/a walk/gym/swimming or cycling.